Welcome to Aasmik

01. Everything About Us!

“Are you in trouble of finding Best Gifts? Your Problem is Solved!”

Aasmik which was founded on 4th Aug 2019 is a “Home decor & Gifting platform” where you can find lots of stunning PERSONALIZED products (like paper & leaf art) at affordable prices made by our artists that can blow everyone’s mind!

We all know how a single gift can change everything! It increases friendship between friends, love between lovers, trust between husband and wife. But in our daily life, we’re bored giving ordinary gifts at a ceremony or any occasion such as dinner set, water bottle, etc. So putting aside those things we are trying to bring such non-forgettable gifts that people’ll say Wow! These types of Gifts can be used at any commencement such as Birthday, Anniversary, Weddings, etc. also some festivals like Diwali, Christmas, Bhai dooj and so on. Our specialty is all the Gifts that you can find on our website are “Hand made“.

Our motive is to add some value to those artists’ artwork through the digital world who are unable to show their artworks to millions of people.

Aasmik - A best selling platform for artworks.

02. Founders of Aasmik India

The journey of ''Aasmik India'' begins with these 4 people who have opened the ''Door of Hope'' for Indian artists.

They belong to West Bengal, Kolkata. The seeds of their eagerness began to be sown during college life. Like a tree grows for a certain period of time, the tree of their interest in business seems to be growing forever. One day they were coming back home together & suddenly an incident happened. After the incident, they realized that there are many artists in India who are shrouded in despair. And a few days later they made a strong decision of opening “Aasmik India” to eradicate this hurdle.

Alik founder min

Alik Das

Sudip co founder min

Sudip Bhattacharyay

Subha co founder min

Subhadeep Gorai


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03. Our satisfied customers

"We believe customer service doesn't cost. It pays. Just like advertising earns money by bringing people in, customer service pays by bringing people back.''

We can proudly say that around 89% of our customers are satisfied as we deliver quality products. Let’s see what they say about this. And if you are also interested in art this is the best platform for you. You can find lots of products here. Also, we build a tracking system from where you can easily track your order by clicking the ”track your order” button given at the top of the website.

Aasmik – a Hand-made Personalized Gift shop.