Please watch this video. You’ll get the full information about our order process.
And if you want you can order via Email, Facebook or WhatsApp as well.

Yes! you can. And it would look gorgeous if you can adjust the text according to frame size.

Yes! we provide the best quality frame with these products.

It’s a very simple process. We receive the information just after placing your order. Then we send the image that you upload, to our artists. They make the arts. After the work is done, the products are ready for packaging. And then it comes to the final step! Where the products are ready to be delivered to the given address.

In that case, the money will be refunded of the frame which is Rs. 250


For a damaged product if you order a paper or leaf art and the frame is broken during delivery, in that case, we refund your money of whatever the frame cost.

But for the wrong products, you can easily replace them.

Yes! you can cancel your order within 12 hrs.

We are sorry to say that COD is not available.

To see our return & replacement policy please click here.